9. "Remembrance routes" brown route

Distance: 34,5 km
Time: 3:30 hours

The brown (9) and the purple (8) itinerary are two connected routes, which remind us of how the inhabitants of the Municipality of Novi committed themselves to defending the values ​​of freedom during the Second World War. The paths wind through the memorial stones of the many young people who were killed in those years.

The brown itinerary is concentrated on the hamlets of Rovereto and S. Antonio in the extended south part while the purple itinerary rather concerns the capital, in the north and west part of the municipality. The trails can be done independently, however a common point allows you to travel both as if they were a single large eight-shaped itinerary.

A new cycle path along the Via Remesina allows the paths to end at the Campo di Fossoli, in the territory of Carpi, a place of concentration and transit for the deportation of Jews and political opponents to Germany. Primo Levi himself was deported starting from this camp.

Trail designed by:

 ANPI Sez. di Novi di Modena e Rovereto s/S