About us

About us

Municipality of Novi

The region of Novi di Modena stretches for an area of 51.82 km2 and borders the Municipalities of Concordia sulla Secchia, San Possidonio, Cavezzo, Carpi, Rolo (RE) and Moglia (MN). It is a geographically defined area, but also has an active vibrant community, which gets together in its town centres and sets up meetings and celebrations for traditional recurring events, but also for the many initiatives by its associations. It offers views over the Po Valley, which stretches partly to the left of the Secchia River, an abundant land bursting with history, beautiful landscapes and good food and wine. It has places to explore where you can observe the natural cycles of the seasons, stopping to look for its many natural products to grasp their colours and flavours.

There are many different ways to observe our surrounding world to take it and make it ours. The places where we live continuously become trails and they, in turn, become maps in our mind, which we love to share, meaning occasional guests can also take part. These new elements help renew and restore habits and relationships in a fruitful mutual exchange. Identifying and creating well-equipped cycle paths in the municipal region meets this need to open up Novi to new things, to share our small, precious treasures with others, and connecting them to the important European cycling-tourism trail (Eurovelo 7), which follows the course of the Secchia River.

We are proud of our region, our people and the way we always tackle life head on, so this seems like an important opportunity we should not miss.


In collaboration with:

Circolo Naturalistico Novese

The Circolo Naturalistico Novese (Novi Nature Club) was founded in Novi in the 1970s as a “study of natural science” as part of the municipal library: it therefore now boasts half a century of history. It originally was a group of young people who explored and collected items, as they were interested in the local nature. In the 1980s, the group became a real independent association with the goal of sparking interest among citizens about environmental issues, promoting cultural and fun events. The association’s main initiatives include: the “October fair”, “Leave your car in the garage”, “Clean rivers” and “A tree for every newborn” (with thousands of plants planted in our countryside and the creation of miles of hedgerow trees), as well as many walking and cycling paths in Novi and its surrounding areas to share its knowledge of various aspects of the local nature and to suggest subsequent actions. Not forgetting the association’s commitment to recycling, thanks to which Novi has become one of the biggest recycling municipalities in the province of Modena. It has also continued to work with schools to develop a passion in young people for learning about their surrounding world.

One of its biggest projects, which the association is most proud of, is writing the publication “Itinerari per argini e valli” (Trails by Banks and Valleys), a detailed cycling-tourism guide (connected to a system of signposts) which offers six cycle paths around Novi and indicates the points of historical and natural interest that you can encounter along the trails. Published in 2007, this guide is now being reprinted. The association is therefore continuing its commitment to promote the beauty around Novi, as it is convinced that you have to know it to love it and you have to love it to defend it.


ANPI, Novi di Modena and Rovereto s/S Sections

The ANPI, the National Association of Italian Partisans, with over 120,000 members, is one of the largest active veterans’ associations in Italy today. It was founded in Rome on 6 June 1944 by the Central Italy National Liberation Committee, while the North was still under Nazi-Fascist occupation. On 5 April 1945, Lieutenant’s Decree No 224 made it a legal charitable foundation, promoting it as the official partisan association.

The Association’s national headquarters are in Rome and it is organised all across Italy into local sections and provincial committees. Since 2006, in addition to partisans and anyone who fought against the Nazi-Fascists, you can join the ANPI if you share our values and want to make a real commitment towards achieving the association’s goals over time, “to preserve, protect and defend the knowledge of the events and values which the Resistance, through fighting and its civil and democratic commitment, has passed on to new generations, as a founding element of the Republic, the Constitution and the European Union and as an essential piece of heritage of the country’s memory” (Article 23, ANPI Statute). The Municipality of Novi di Modena includes the Novi di Modena and Rovereto s/S sections.