6. “Our valleys” orange route

Distance: 18,2 km
Time: 1:30 hours

This trail winds around to the south-west of Novi and is the most adventurous one offered because it features difficult sections along the bank of the Fossa Raso or over dirt roads near the Rolo-Carpi railway line. In terms of nature, this route lets you pass through the valleys between Novi and Fossoli, where you can enjoy some birdwatching. Keep an eye out for the sections of thick wild hedgerows near Pradoni, with several outstanding examples of the European white elm.

Along the first and final sections of the trail nearer to the town centre, you can admire particularly interesting architectural features. You will also come to high-tech plants for generating, converting and distributing electricity, as well as for processing organic waste, packaging and recycling electrical and electronic equipment.

Trail designed by:

 Circolo Naturalistico Novese