5. “The drainage channels” pink route

Distance: 24 km
Time: 1:35 hours

This trail stretches to the north-east of the capital Novi di Modena up to the region of Mantua and lets you explore the largest part of the channel complex of most of the western Modena and Reggio Emilia plains. In the early 1900s, these areas were entirely reclaimed and farmed. A large section of it runs along the main drainage channel of the Modena plain to the west of the Secchia River, while a little further on you pass by Cavo Lama, the biggest irrigation channel in the region. The trail turns back where the Lama flows into the Secchia River, at the site of the impressive Mondine water works. This plant adjusts the water level in the channels according to the dual need of draining rainwater away and providing the water needed to irrigate the fields.

Trail designed by:

 Circolo Naturalistico Novese